How to end a Venice Days Film, or All of Them

So now that we have seen all of the films competing in our little Venice Days section, we have to speak up. Here is a precise reconstruction of a dialogue between Simon and Sven that totally happened exactly this way:

Sven: Hey Simon! I was totally fed up with [insert name of film here]’s ending. There was just way to little self castration going on.

Simon: I completely agree. If only anybody could have come up with alternative endings to those films.

Sven: But who could do something like that?

Simon (after 5 hours of deliberation and chin stroking): Hey Sven! Maybe WE should do that!

Sven: What a great suggestion, Simon! Also, I think you are very handsome.

Simon: Wow, thanks Sven, you too.

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FRED @School: Interview with the students

The FRED @School program is an international educational project organized by the film radio plattform FRED: The Festival Insider. Its aim is to introduce young students to European cinema and to change the perspective in which they watch movies in general. During the program, students from 8 different countries watched four films, discussed them and, with the help of FRED Film Radio, produced podcasts and broadcasts where they analized and discussed the movies even further. The project is amazing and I really hope that it is going to expand to a lot more countries all over the world. However, at the panel where we spoke about FRED @School, unfortunately there were no students there to speak about their experiences with the programm, but only the organizers as well as a few teachers. So when I met Alessandro and Stefano, two 16-year-old Italian participants of FRED @School, I sat down with them for a few minutes to ask them about their perspective of the program. I think it was a really nice and insightful though short interview, that I want to share with you now. Check out FRED The Festival Insider (, those guys are doing a great job for European Cinema!

Question: Alessandro and Stefano, you both attended the program FRED @School this year, where you watched four different European films and discussed them with your classmates. First of all, did you choose to partake in the program or was it mandatory for your class?

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12 Questions to mess with Johnny Depp

So, on Friday and Saturday there will be Screenings of Scott Cooper’s new film Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp, star of classics such as Edward Scissorhands, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and of course The Tourist. Although his recent performances might have been a bit… well, let’s face it, awful, I am rather excited about Black Mass and will watch it without any reservations. Still, it is the guy from Mortdecai we are talking about, and I just found out there is going to be a sequel to Alice in Wonderland, so I’m angry right now.

I don’t know yet whether there’s going to be a Q&A after the screening (I’m not even sure I’ll have the time to attend it!), but I come prepared: here is a list of 12 questions to ask Johnny Depp so that he will not forget this Q&A too soon (and yes, that picture of his is just clickbait):

1. So, Johnny, on a scale from 1 to 10, how drunk are you right now?

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